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Panorama9 IT Management Platform Intros Perfect Pager
Web-based IT management platform Panorama9 is planning a number of enhancements in 2013, and the first has debuted today. It’s a new personal alert system called Personal Pager, designed to ensure the right team members is alerted of network problems immediately.

Panorama9 Humanizes Cloud Automation Platform
Today brings the introduction of something called Perfect Pager, a new alert system that extends the email and text notification capabilities that the company has already had in place.

10 Recent VC Tech Investments To Watch In January 2013
The company offers a Web-based management dashboard designed to simplify how companies track all of their premise- and cloud-based IT assets.

Panorama9 Inks $900,000
Panorama9 has raised $900,000 in seed financing from private technology investors in Denmark. Names of the investors were not released. Panorama9, maker of a web-based IT dashboard, will use the money for continued development and to expand its US sales presence, the company said.

Panorama9 sets its sights on investment krone
Cloud-based IT management platform Panorama9 has raised $900K in seed financing from private investors in Denmark. The company offers a dashboard that small to medium businesses can use to monitor and control all IT operations in their network.

Zendesk Investor Sees Fresh Potential in Panorama9, Value In Cloud
Panaroma9’s U.S customer base has grown 20 percent each month since its platform made its debut outside Denmark in April this year. The company will use the newly obtained capital to boost sales in North America and continue fleshing out its product with new features.

Panorama9 Raises $900K From Danish Investors
Panorama9 said it would tap the new cash to expand its sale staff and partnerships in the U.S. as well as develop more features. The company is also focusing on the problems faced by enterprises whose employees log into networks with smartphones and tablets, the so-called bring-your-own-device (BYOD) sector.

Panorama9 Launches Linux, Mac IT Management Agents
Panorama9, which develops a cloud-based IT management platform, has extended beyond Windows to support Linux and Mac users, acknowledging the reality that today’s IT environments have gone multi-platform.

Panorama9 unveils patch management for Mac
Panorama9 makes it easy for IT administrators to track changes and update vulnerabilities across a mix of devices, applications, and operating systems.

Cloud IT management service Panorama9 launches Linux and Mac support
The agent software Panorama9 launched today supports Mac OS X 10.6 and up, and most of the popular Linux distributions: Ubuntu, Red Hat, Debian, CentOS, and so forth. Both of these software agents were quietly announced at the beginning of September, but today marks their official inclusion in the subscription offering which was missing when the service launched a little more than six months ago.

IT Management: Principles and Software
Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, using IT management principles and software can help you spend less time putting out fires and more time turning your IT department into a service-oriented, strategic partner in the organization.

Zendesk partners with Panorama9 on cloud help desk
The combination of the two products will give SMEs a new subscription-based, enterprise-grade IT management option delivered via the cloud.

Solving IT headaches with a monitoring dashboard in the cloud
"Most of these tasks are tedious, repetitive, and you don't want to spend too much time doing it," explained CEO Allan Thorvaldsen. "It's not fun patching, it's not fun monitoring, it's just something that you need to do." 

Thorvaldsen wants to make this process not only easier, but also more accessible to small- and medium-sized businesses that may not have a dedicated IT staff. And instead of completely replacing other security and management software, Panorama9 has been designed to integrate with existing suites.

Zendesk, Startup Panorama9 Team Up for Cloud-based IT Help Desk
Any Zendesk ticket created by Panorama9 includes detailed information about the issue, along with useful links to the Panorama9 dashboard. This gives IT pros complete visibility into the IT environment and a powerful set of tools needed to troubleshoot and resolve any issues.

Panorama9 - Review
Panorama9 takes on the time-consuming task of collecting information and organizes them in an amazingly intuitive interface for the IT manager. Even if it's only one person managing the entire business IT infrastructure, the platform makes it simple to see at a glance what is wrong, and to get up-to-date detailed information about the machines.

Panorama9 and Zendesk Couple IT with Support
Panorama9 is a Danish startup that focuses on general-purpose IT solutions in the cloud...Their platform is targeting small to midsized enterprises’ IT administrative tasks, covering a pretty long list ranging from inventory management and distribution, to the more creative obligation of monitoring the monitoring system.

Panorama9 attacks big IT headaches of small companies
Panorama9 is a Danish startup that focuses on general-purpose IT solutions in the cloud...Their platform is targeting small to midsized enterprises’ IT administrative tasks, covering a pretty long list ranging from inventory management and distribution, to the more creative obligation of monitoring the monitoring system.

Let Panorama9 monitor your Windows machines and network
Takeaway: If you have a Windows-only environment and have the budget for it, Panorama9 can do a great job of monitoring your IT infrastructure.

One of the more unique features of Panorama9 is the Live Feed...This could be a great help in troubleshooting an issue on either a server or a desktop.

Panorama9 Integrates With Zendesk To Offer Enterprise-Grade IT Management In The Cloud

"Customers who use Zendesk as their internal help desks often need the ability to manage their IT assets," said Todd Revolt, Director of Business Development at Zendesk. "We've found Panorama9 to be a flexible, easy-to-use solution for this purpose and we're pleased to extend our customers' IT management options with this integration."


Panorama9 sets up shop (sort of) in Bay Area
Allan Thorvaldsen, a serial entrepreneur who co-founded and sold his third startup, Softscan, to Symantec in 2009, is bringing his latest venture from Denmark to San Francisco.

Panorama9's goal is to provide IT managers with a one-screen dashboard of all their on-premises and cloud-based assets.

How To Maintain Security In a BYOD world
Data collected by the Panorama9 system shows that on average 23 percent of company computers are left on during the night, and 58 percent of those computers don’t have a password-protected screensaver.


Cloud-based IT Overview

Downtime is never acceptable. The Panorama9 Dashboard foresees and solves the issues at hand before a problem occurs. Panorama9 is easy to use, takes one minute to install, and we don't keep pricing a secret.