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  • No credit card needed
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  • 5 minute setup (back-end is cloud-based)

Panorama9 ROI calculator

Number of Employees
Number of IT Staff
Number of devices 180
Average cost of sw/year/employee ($)
Average cost per IT employee ($)

Your savings:  
Save 20% of IT employee productivity ($) 72.000
Save 10% by ITIL Automation ($) 37.500
Save 1-4% on misplaced hardware ($) 14.400
Save 5-10% on Software oversubscribtion ($) 8.250
Subtotal Savings ($) 94.650

Cost of Panorama9/ Year ($) 4.188

Total savings ($) 90.462

How did we come up with the numbers?

Panorama9 cloud-based service pays for itself in 45 days or less. How come?

No deployment means instant ROI 

Impact: Unlike software or appliance solutions that takes months or years to deploy, training configuring, trimming etc., Panorama9 Dashboard can be deployed in literally less than 5 minutes throughout your network, so you reap all benefits instantly. No need for on-site or Web-based training. Panorama9 is as easy as 1-2-3.

Automated repetitive tasks

Impact: The Panorama9 Dashboard will save you up to 50% of the time you spend on patching, inventory, distribution and other tedious administrative tasks. In some instances the Panorama9 Dashboard enables customers to automate the tasks of a full time IT employee.

Reduce downtime

Impact: Downtime per user can be reduced by up to five hours due to the seamless remote control integration directly from the Panorama9 Dashboard.

Increased level of satisfaction

Panorama9 customers show an increased level of satisfaction from their internal users as they are able to address user issues faster and more effectively .

“Harvest” software – avoid over-subscription

The Panorama9 Dashboard can save you thousands of dollars annually by helping IT administrators to more efficiently allocate licenses, renegotiate licenses fees , keep you compliant. Further giving you the full overview of which software is used when, how and how often. Stop over-subscribing to ensure compliance – always just keep that exactly number of licenses.

Misplaced hardware

With the detailed Panorama9 hardware inventory report, Panorama9 Dashboard helps you avoid buying new hardware by identifying underutilized assets, saving thousands of dollars annually According to market research, companies misallocate 1-4% of their existing hardware.

Cloud-based IT Overview

Downtime is never acceptable. The Panorama9 Dashboard foresees and solves the issues at hand before a problem occurs. Panorama9 is easy to use, takes one minute to install, and we don't keep pricing a secret.