Perfect Pager


  • Fully functional trial
  • No credit card needed
  • No commitment
  • 5 minute setup (back-end is cloud-based)

Perfect pager

Panorama9 prides itself on its ability to quickly notify you when there’s a problem on your network. You can choose from the always reliable email or text message options. Or you can take your alerts to the next level with the extraordinary Perfect Pager.

The premise is simple. If your network goes down while you’re sleeping, we’ll pick up the phone and call you. And we’re not talking about an automated message here. You’ll be hearing from a real live human who can inform you about which server or service is down, when it happened, and what, if anything else, is going on inside your network.

Panorama9 knows that enterprise IT is maintained by an array of engineers, developers, and system administrators. That’s why we’ve created this feature with maximum flexibility so you can have the right person notified right away. All you need to do is set up a phone list specifying who needs to be called under which circumstance. And if that person doesn’t answer, believe us, we won’t be deterred. We’ll continue on down the list until we connect with someone. And if no one picks up, we’ll pick up right where we started — at the top of the list.

Choose Perfect Pager for your alerts and you’ll never miss out when your network is misfiring. We guarantee it will be music to your ears (depending on your ring-tone, of course).

  • Right team member is alerted right away
  • Real person makes the call (not a recorded message)
  • Multiple phone numbers can be added for each team member 
  • International calling is not a problem